SNP effects on microRNA targeting

This database provides computer-based predictions of SNP effects on microRNA-based gene regulation.


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- Gene: either a gene name or a refGene id.
- miRNA: a human microRNA.
- SNP: a SNP rsid
- limit: maximum number of records to show
- Search type: selects for either gene search, miRNA search or SNP search
- Single search: looks for records according to the selected search type
- Multiple search: looks for records intersecting the given fields

- chr: the chromosome
- Gene: the gene name
- RefGene: the refGene id from UCSC
- Strand: the strand of the mRNA
- miRNA: the human miRNA id
- DeltaS: the difference of miRNA targeting scores between two 3'UTR haplotypes.
- RsId: SNP id
- Pos: SNP position (in hg18)
- MAF: SNP minimum allele frequency (in HapMap CEU)
- Allele: the considered allele (+strand)
- TargetSite: the 8 nucleotides of the mRNA at the seed site and the seed type for the given allele.
If empty, there is either no target site with the given allele or the SNP is not in the seed region.